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Because of needs for environmental protection, the depleting of fossil fuel, 21st Century requires new energy technology.

SOFC(Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) is highly efficient and eco-friendly energy technology which transforming chemical energy of oxygen, fuel gas into electrical, heating energy source with electrochemical reaction.

Though SOFC technology needs to be developed more, it gradually shows ultimate solution on the energy problem of mankind.

CERA-FC, like a lot of current SOFC researchers and companies which are focusing on commercialization of it, is confident that SOFC technology substitutes both nuclear and thermal power generations sooner or later.

Research and

CERA-FC has been established as special research institute. We are focusing on future SOFC technology research and development. They are as follows.

1. Materials, unit(single) cell development for IT-SOFC(intermediate temperature SOFC), improved Electrolyte material research and development for IT-SOFC.

2. Both biogas and SOFC fused technology are desirable. Before hydro energy era comes, biogas can be more desirable than natural gas to SOFC. Therefore, we have been developing direct biogas that is applicable to SOFC.

Both competitive pricing and technology development for efficient mass production on SOFC materials are our additional goals considering the commercialization of SOFC. Plus, we are concentrating on the development of producing knowhow to achieve enhanced stability of SOFC at high temperature. So that we can have differentiated design for unit(single) cell and stacking development as well.

Future Goal

CERA-FC will make an effort to develop improved technology cooperating with SOFC developers and researchers all over the world.

Therefore, we make a firm resolution to be a company that can contribute to find the ultimate solution of human energy and environmental problem.

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